From A Different Cloth

Textiles and ceramics are brought together to form this unique collection.
Inspired in part by a stash of fabric that Marcello’s mother had been keeping
for years  adds a personal dimension to the series, as many of the textiles
have a family connection.

The forms of the plates (many Dutch) are also historic, and connect to our home in Amsterdam.
Each form has been created by hand to show the textiles in positive relief.
The seemingly disparate elements combine to create a new narrative.

Made from stoneware that has been coloured with pigments,
and fired at a high temperature, a process called encapsulation.

Left unglazed, this results in a mat finish that is wonderfully tactile and colourful.
The collection is both food & dishwasher safe.


with the patronage of Het Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving